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gatekeeper-coverThe Gatekeeper

Mayhem prevails in the Executive Suite when a hard-charging bank founder is unexpectedly replaced by an unqualified, egocentric socialite. Think The Wolf of Wall Street meets The Big Short. Can his administrative assistant survive now that she’s the gatekeeper of a battleground littered with the excesses of illicit sex, drug abuse, character assassination and political intrigue, in the middle of unimaginable catastrophes, high-stake scandals and the country’s economic collapse?

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 Executive Crumple Zone

Executive Crumple Zone by Michael Sisti

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When high-energy entrepreneur Dave Powers becomes head of marketing at a large health insurance company, he has no idea he’s in for the roller coaster ride of his life. He’s unprepared for the office politics, turf wars and shenanigans of narcissistic bosses and groveling bureaucrats. This is a story of creative triumphs, managerial incompetence, and exasperating fiascos exposing the realities of power, greed and folly in today’s dysfunctional business world.

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Front CoverLowResThe Failure Myth

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate manager or an individual facing a difficult choice, the fear of failure plays a critical role in your decision. Understanding failure and its implications, both positive and negative, will help you make the right decision. After all, the most damaging failure of all occurs when you refuse to take a risk.

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Public Speaking

Radio and television appearances, guest lectures at colleges and universities, business seminars and keynote addresses are all part of Michael Sisti’s resume as a speaker.

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