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Accessory to a Crime

We were advised that on weekends traffic is much lighter in Bangkok. So we booked a cab to take us to see some of the Buddhas and the temples. We almost immediately hit traffic, so the driver switched lanes and made an illegal u-turn, right in front of a police traffic stop. We were pulled to the curb, past several uniformed police standing on the sidewalk. One officer carrying a clipboard walked over to the driver and asked for his license and paperwork. We got nervous, as we weren’t wearing seat belts, and didn’t carry our passports. After a long exchange between the driver and the cop, the driver turned to Tom, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, and asked him for 100 bahts. Tom handed him the cash, and he turned and gave it to the cop. You wouldn’t believe how deftly he slid that 100 baht note under the clipboard. The officer then poked his head into the van and smiled at the four Americans who just got scammed. As we drove away, Tom told the driver he was deducting the 100 bahts from the fare, which was 300 bahts. After begging and grovelling, Tom relented and said we would pay him 250 bahts. The rest of the outing was uneventful, but the temples were extraordinary.

BTW. 100 bahts equals $3.00.

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One Response to “Accessory to a Crime”
  1. Dana Balionis says:

    enjoying your blog! Temples are stunning. This is a real adventure.

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