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Super Bangkok Bowl

Everybody wake up. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, actually Monday. Game time is 6:25 am.

We got up at 5:15, got dressed and went down to the dining room for breakfast and to get the best seats in front of the TV. Breakfast, as usual was great, but no football on that TV. So we rushed back to our rooms and put on the game there. No football on those TVs either. So I searched the Internet to stream the game, but it was not available for streaming in Thailand. We quickly left the hotel and went to JW Marriott where we were sure to catch the game at that upscale hotel. No football there either. We then went around the corner to Bully’s American Bar. Although it felt awkward to walk into a bar at 8 am, it was OK. They had the game on six different screens. As we walked in, the manager standing behind the bar shouted “21-0. Oh F–K! I bet the Patriots and I’m going to lose 5,000 bahts ($150). We watched the game, along with several dozen, mostly Americans, alternately cheering and booing, depending on who they were rooting for.

The manager told us he was born in Thailand and educated at Washing State. He loved running this bar as it was frequented by lots of Americans. And despite having lived for several years on the West Coast, he likes Donald Trump. His name is Ay (meaning older brother) and when the Patriots pulled out the extraordinary win, he went bonkers shouting and whistling. You would have thought he won $5,000, instead of $150.Super Bowl At Bullys


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  1. Terr and David says:

    “Nee How” (phoenetically in English….”hello” in Chinese) Sure seems as if your first 36 hours were quite an adventure to say the least! Enjoy the rest of your travel as it does get better…..at least that’s what we hope! Just want you to know that the Super Bowl that you guys watched was actually changed through 21st century technology in New England…….Atlanta couldn’t have given up a25 point lead, couldn”t have called 2 pass plays while within field goal range late in the 4th quarter, couldn”t have fumbled close to their own goal line in the 4th quarter (they only gave away the ball 11 times all year)……and, couldn’t have folded under the Tom Brady pressure to lose!! No team in any Supoer Bowl has ever come back from 25 points down…….ah ha, except now as the Patriots, somehow…. someway……escaped reality and performed this miracle in Houston!! Oh, 1 more item before I let you get back to your golden temples and statues……Donald Trump has just voted himself “KING of THE WORLD”….and, by 3million votes! Enjoy! Enjoy! Love to Sara……..Terri and David

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