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Caving In

We drove down the west peninsular of Thailand to Cha-An Beach in Phetchaburi. The most interesting attraction there was not the beach, which was overrun with dogs and cats and a couple of chickens. We didn’t want to walk a beach that was actually a mile-long pet toilet. Instead we went to Luang Mountain, which holds the Khao Luang Cave. At the base of the mountain, parking is free. The parking area however, is crawling with monkeys, scavenging for food, hats, sunglasses, cameras, and anything you are overrun that they can steal. So you have to pay the monkey monitor 40 bahts to feed the monkeys and keep them occupied while you tour the cave. He has a bag of corn cobs, cut in sections that he tosses to the dozens of monkeys that he has trained to both steal your belongings, and sit on your car and scratch the paint.Two Monkeys

A jitney truck took us to the upper staging area, where we hiked up to the entrance of the cave and climbed down into the chambers. The interior of the cavern was set up as an underground temple, with Buddhas arranged in the various rooms.  The largest chamber had a huge Buddha with an oversized prayer mat set in front. I was afraid to kneel down and meditate, because with my luck, my kneecaps would be covered in bat guano.

Cave Opening Cave Buddhas  Sitting Buddhas Buddha Inserts    Giant Buddha

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