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The Temples of Doom

River View

The River is Green

Ayutthaya is an ancient city, founded as the capitol of Siam in the 13th century. We spent five days here, exploring the ruins and hanging out at our hotel. The hotel is situated on the river that separates the ancient city from the modern one. Here’s the view from our hotel window. The building on the other bank only look like they were built in the 12 hundreds. They are more recent, but could use a little updating.


Early Saturn Rocket

The size of the area comprising the old city is enormous, and the remains of the structures are nothing less than amazing. Some of the spires rise over 100 feet in the air. Most of the structures are temples with surrounding buildings, walls and statues.Tall Temple

And with all the tourists, there are dozens of buses. And they are sights to be seen as well. Each is a work of art, and are all individually designed with outrageous graphics.








Fal Doun Soon (Leaning Tower of Siam

Fal Doun Soon (Leaning Tower of Siam)

Wat Dat Chit (Heads Will Roll)

Wat Dat Chit (Heads Will Roll)







Towers in Village

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