Michael A. Sisti


Michael A. Sisti is an International Book Award-winning author of ten books in three genres: contemporary fiction, humor, and self-help.  He also co-wrote a TV drama series, Bleeding Ink with Film Director, Playwright Nick DeSimone.

His new book, On the Brink—Chaos and Mayhem at the Office, recently won the International Firebird Award.

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On the Brink
Firebird Book Award

The International Firebird
Award-winning novel is
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On The Brink

Book 1 of a Five-Book Series
Featuring Dave Powers

Follow Dave’s extraordinary experiences. His coming of age, his crushing tragedies, his forays to win over a love interest, his successes and failures, plus lots more.

Based on true events.

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Uneven Playing Field

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This prequel to ON THE BRINK is about Elisa Orsini’s struggles in a relationship and her career path before meeting Dave Powers.

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