Buns, Boobs & Botox

If you’re paying attention to your surroundings, common, every-day events are almost always laced with humor. The material for my books comes from my observations of ordinary people in ordinary situations performing unusual acts.

Over the years I have developed this sense of anticipation and can usually see a comical episode developing. I also notice situations that have the potential to be hilarious but need a little nudge. And I’m always on hand to push the situation over the top.

I’ve had lots of fun witnessing and writing these stories, and sometimes even embellishing them. They are all true or based on actual events with a little twist from my twisted mind. I hope they add a little humor to your day.

“The author’s twisted observations of our fixation with vanity are delivered with satirical laugh-out-loud humor. And he makes you laugh at the effort.

K. Klyne – Blogger