About Michael Sisti

Having published eight books in three genres–contemporary fiction, self-help, and humor, Michael Sisti has three new books in the works and is collaborating with a playwright associate on an exciting TV drama series. His career has also included extensive writing in the advertising business going back to his days in the Mad Men era.

Throughout his life, Mike has focused on having fun and uncovering unexpected humor in the events that surround us all. This mindset sharpens his creative skills and adds to his sense of humor, all of which provide the basis for his writing.

As a serial entrepreneur, Mike got an early start, launching his first business venture at age 11, selling illegal fireworks in Brooklyn. (Please don’t turn him in.) At 19, he began his career in earnest establishing a printing business in Rockland County, NY. He followed with sales positions for various printing companies, and founding short-lived businesses, including a printing brokerage and a graphic design firm.

In each of these succeeding endeavors, Mike learned from his painful failures and applied more of his strategic thinking, writing skills, and design concepts to his service offerings. These services led to his launch of Image Concepts, a small advertising and sales promotion agency that grew to be one of the 50 largest agencies in New Jersey.

Later, a consulting project for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island led to a full-time position as Chief Communications Officer. It was his first experience working in a corporate bureaucracy. Following that six-year tenure, Mike and his wife, Sara relocated to Sarasota, FL, where he launched 12 companies and was a founding member of The Trusted Advisors, a consulting group for entrepreneurial companies.

As an experienced speaker, Mike has made hundreds of appearances in public and private settings. A former Toastmaster, and media-trained presenter, he has done countless press conferences, business seminars, and speeches, plus guest lectures at schools and universities. Each new business and residence along the way has provided countless adventures that contribute to his written content.

Enjoying the lifestyle in Sarasota, FL, Mike and his wife, Sara spend time with their large extended family which includes six adult children and spouses, twelve grandchildren, one great-granddaughter, and countless cousins, nieces, and nephews, plus great- and great-great-nieces and nephews. With a family this size and all their friends, Mike loves to cook for them, creating his own recipes. Contact him, as he’s delighted to share his creative cooking ideas.

International book award

Author of 10 Books – Fiction, Humor Self-Help

Firebird Award

Media-Trained Public Speaker

Consultant to Authors, Businesses, Public Figures