On the Brink 

Michael Sisti’s Latest Novel – November 2023

On the Brink

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Chaos and Mayhem at the Office

At age eleven, Dave Powers balks at the escalating cost of fireworks in New York’s Chinatown. He opts instead to buy them wholesale and sell them, albeit illegally to his classmates. He concludes the marginally profitable but error-ridden venture leaving him brimming with confidence and captivated by the promise of entrepreneurship.

Over the next few years, a series of tragic events shatters his world. Dave must learn to navigate life’s challenges, including basic survival, business, and love. Upon entering the advertising world during the Mad Men era, he struggles to find his way amid the excesses of nepotism alcohol consumption, and the exploitation of women. Can Dave find the maturity to achieve his dreams? Or are his scars too deep to overcome?

Based on true events, On the Brink is a novel for young readers beginning their own journey, nurturing adults trying to soften their failures, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and business executives.

Seventeen 5-star pre-publication reviews by authors and executives from all over the country. Plus personal comments like these.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was right up my alley. No bullshit. Loved it! Best of luck.

I’m amazed that this is based on a true story. Guess you can’t make this stuff up.

I loved the story! Great job! Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

It is a very captivating story – short, active chapters and lots of human interest.

It is fabulous, really. I’m digging your writing and your characters are drawing me in.


“Michael Sisti does an amazing job of representing a typical day in corporate America through his
clever use of email. Everyone can learn from the trials and tribulations that consultant Dave Powers
experiences throughout the book.”

– Cheryl Darmanin – Senior Director, Account Management, Yahoo!


“The novel is fascinating, educational, and reads a little like a horror story! I am stunned at this
window into the brutal weaknesses of the giant-business model.”

– Wes Roberts – Publisher, SRQ Media Group


“With unacceptable ethical behavior running rampant in our country, this highly entertaining novel
addresses some of these issues in a must-read for every business school student and young
professional striving to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.”

– Christopher M. Gould, Sr. – General Manager, Salem Talk Radio