Executive Crumple Zone

Dave Powers is a high-energy, performance-driven entrepreneur, whose talents include a creative mind and a quick wit. After a successful consulting gig for a large insurance company, Dave is offered an executive position with the firm. Against his better judgment he accepts the challenge, thinking his dedicated work ethic can co-exist with the culture of a burgeoning
bureaucracy. Instead, he is in for the roller coaster ride of his life. Used to operating independently, he’s unprepared for the twists and turns of office politics, departmental turf wars, and behind-the-scenes shenanigans of narcissistic bosses and groveling sycophants.

Told in a series of emails, Dave’s roughshod ride through the corporate corridors of bureaucracy is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking. His story of creative triumphs, managerial incompetence and exasperating fiascos is an object lesson of the realities of power, greed, folly and success in today’s dysfunctional business world.

Get on board with Dave and learn about his triumphs and failures, and how he uses his humor to survive. This fast-paced novel won’t let you put it down until the ride finally ends, and you have experienced all the emotions that a roller coaster will deliver.

“Wow! Wow! Holy friggin wow! You must read this amazing book.”

Michael Samuelson – Author Voices from the Edge