Author Michael A. Sisti has a unique relationship with his mob of ardent and active followers who share their opinions on his book titles, covers, characters and more! Some even beta-read his manuscripts! They actually help him improve the books he produces.

You can get a piece of that action by signing up here.

What do you get as a Flash Mobster?

  • A side-splitting monthly blog post that you will look forward to reading
  • Invitations to participate in crowdsourced creativity. You can put your two cents in on Sisti’s creative process
  • Early access to entertaining publications and resources
  • Win FREE books
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your input helps an author do his best.

Here’s what some Flash Mobsters say:

 “Do you do stand-up comedy? You’re funnier than Stephen Colbert.”


“I look forward to your emails. You make me laugh out loud.”

But, really, what’s in it for you? Interacting and having fun with this author is a very entertaining and informative experience. It gives you a chance to get inside his head. You learn how Sisti creates a story, why he writes, how he promotes his books, and how he struggles to be successful.

For Sisti, The FLASH MOB has improved his writing, encouraged him to take his craft further, and made the task of writing even more gratifying. “I can’t tell you how much the Flash Mob has enhanced my work. It’s a wonderful benefit that they provide, plus it’s rewarding and enjoyable.”