Panic at the exit.




The city of Athens is itself a museum of history and antiquity. And within that city are some amazing museums. Today’s visit was a monumental event. Partly because it is one of World’s greatest museums of archeology, but more so because of the bomb threat evacuation shortly after we arrived. We were at the furthest point from the entrance when this  oversized woman pushed past me and started rushing to the front of the building (that’s where the restrooms are located). I was certain that she was experiencing a diarrhea attack, but then one of the docents asked us to to please move to the front of the building. When I asked her why, she replied, “Someone just called in a bomb threat.” I knew she wasn’t kidding, because docents, like accountants don’t have a sense of humor. At that point, everyone began making their way to the exit.

When we got outside, one of the guards told us to come back in an hour. An hour later we were back, but now security was heightened, and he they strip-searched everyone. I felt like one of the statues. But it was all worth it as the contents of this museum was incredible. Here’s a sample of what we saw.



Sarasota Rowing Team

Gym Rat.

Warning to My Drinking Buddies.