Vitriol. It’s a very misunderstood word. There are people who mistakenly think it’s a synthetic motor oil. Others conjure up a dietary supplement or performance enhancer that promises a healthier, happier, more energetic life. For the rest of us, it describes the current abyss we find our country mired in.

I have lots of liberal friends and lots of conservative friends, and I love them all. I have always looked at the philosophical difference between the two factions in a simplistic way. Liberals approach politics from an emotional perspective, and conservatives use logic to defend their position. From that observation, I came to realize that it’s a nearly insurmountable challenge for both sides to meet even close to the middle. But at least we always had polite conversations, respecting each other’s views, but never changing anyone’s mind.

However, the current chasm in our country has become much more complicated, and it is now impossible to reconcile our differences even within our own philosophical circles. Too many of us have become so militant in our aggression to promote our perceived agenda, that it feels like we are at war with each other. In the Swamp known as Washington, with the media cheering them on, our political leaders attack each other at every turn, often changing positions merely to score points. And to Hell with the constituents. All this animosity and disrespect filters down and influences the indignation felt by us regular people,
and also those of us that are slightly irregular. Communication in this current political climate makes it very uncomfortable and frustrating to have to deal with posts, comments, and emails defending one position over the other. But I found a truth that makes it all a little more palatable and acceptable.

I concluded that Liberals believe everything they learn from the news. And Conservatives believe nothing. Therefore, none of us is going to change anything. And understanding and accepting that should make it easier to get back to loving and respecting each other.